With over 10 years experience, ancient coin expert, enthusiast, author and dealer, Mr. Ilya Zlobin brings amazing coins to people of New York and beyond. Based only online (with no physical shop to visit), customers from New York City to Los Angeles and beyond get an unprecedented amount of customer service and satisfaction. It seems that when you want to buy numismatic coins made of precious metals, you think you have to visit a physical brick and mortar location to get coins for a collection or even as an alternative investment. Thousands of satisfied customers had a positive experience and prefer to get their coins online with the comfort and privacy of their favorite places.

Best Selection of Ancient Coins Online

I strive to bring to my customers exactly what they want, or maybe even have things that they may have not even dreamed of owning! You see I come from the belief that ancient coins are art captured in miniature. They are true treasures of our collective cultural heritage of Western and Eastern civilizations and beyond. With over 14,000 ancient coins and artifacts to choose from, complete with professional descriptions, coin collecting has never been so easy and fun.

Competitive Deals and Pricing Available

Technology has changed most of the things in the modern world for the better. I believe wholeheartedly that the eBay Best Offer system is revolutionary for the ancient coin and collectibles arena. You see, you get the benefit of getting amazing deals on one-of-a-kind and rare coins by making an offer in my online store. People try to wonder how much something is worth, or get an “appraisal” of an item’s value, however when you think about it, an item is worth what two people can agree to make the deal on. The main point to make is this, that you can pick out some of the most beautiful, most rare numismatic coins, not found in coin shops, whether it is New York City, London or Paris and make an offer that will bring a WIN WIN situation for both of us.

Types Of Numismatic Coins in Stock

My main focus is numismatic ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical (coins of the bible), Byzantine, Medieval coins and artifacts. Click on the categories in my list below where I list the different types of coins available.

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